What is Bridge Dealer?

Bridge Dealer is an online program that creates true random deals, to be used in bridge tournaments.

Why to use Bridge Dealer?

Reason 1: True random bridge deals

Contrary to most dealing programs used nowadays, Bridge Dealer doesn't use a computers pseudo random generator in order to create the random deals. It uses completely random bits created by a physical procedure that cannot be predicted in any way. You can find all the relevant scientific details at the web site of the random bits provider.

Reason 2: Much better security

Using Bridge Dealer, each set of boards receive an identity code, that proves the source and the time the set was dealt. If these boards are going to be used in a tournament that starts shortly after, then nobody can question the security of the procedure.

How are the boards delivered?

The random deals are downloaded by the user as a .dup file, the format used by the Duplimate machine, with which many bridge clubs prepare their pre-dealt boards. Dup files can be converted in a variety of other formats.