About Bridge Dealer

Bridge Dealer is based on an original idea by John Militsopoulos, who had developed and extensively studied other traditional dealing programs, having spotted their flaws since the late 1990's. He had then proposed the use of true random generators for creating random deals, and Nikos Delimpaltadakis created a Visual Basic program based on this principle.

Bridge Dealer originates in their discussions regarding recent bridge dealing problems. Besides the true randomness, the extensive use of pre-dealt boards arise concerns about secrecy and the possibility of a leak. Bridge Dealer is trying to solve these problems, and at the same time to add functionality regarding the handling of the created bridge deals. Such funcionality includes utilities for printing hand records and score sheets, conversion between different file formats, internet publishing of the boards, creating boards for practice etc. These features are going to be implemented gradually as Bridge Dealer will be advancing towards version 1.0.